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Convert any image to JPG

By analyzing in depth, everything that we save on the hard drive of our computer or in the internal storage and memory card of our mobile phone, the vast majority of files would be photographs or images.

And every day there are many photographs that we capture with our phones and that, in the end, end up stored on the computer, as well as those images shared or exchanged with our family, friends or colleagues.

This also means that every day many are faced with the need to convert any image file to JPG, due to the great versatility of this format, especially for multimedia exchange.

Today there are many image formats used and generated by different devices and operating systems, which means that on many occasions we have the need to convert an image file to another, more common format, such as JPG, since it is one one of the most used in all areas.

Here are some free online tools that allow us to convert any image file to JPG even if we don't have Photoshop on our computer.

If we do not want to install any application on the computer, then we can use one of the online services or tools with which we can convert almost any type of image to JPG.

Using OnlineConverter

One of the most popular is, a site where in addition to being able to convert images into more than 120 different formats, it also offers other utilities to convert files, audio, documents, ebooks, etc.


You can access the free service.

Convert HEIC images to JPG online

Considering the difficulties of some users when opening iPhone image files in Windows, it is necessary, and therefore couldn't be missed, the mention of the site, from which you can convert images in HEIC format to JPG quickly, easily and free of charge.


You will also have access to the free service.

The steps are similar for each service

  1. Upload the image file, either by opening a dialog / search box or by dragging it to the box.
  2. Select the output format JPG.
  3. Click on the conversion button.
  4. Download the JPG output file.