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Cannot open JPG file in Windows 10

Using and working with images is one of the most frequent daily tasks that we can do when working in Windows 10, either to insert them in our documents or for personal tasks. And within this world of images, JPG images are one of the most popular and traditional formats in computing. Windows 10 integrates some applications to open JPEG type of image but on many occasions we can find that these images do not open as we expect.

We continuously handle different types of files on our computers depending on the task we are going to carry out. Multimedia content, with the rise of social networks, includes JPGs as the most used files by unit of time globally.

This is why it is worrying when we cannot open the images and not know what is in these files.

Today you will see how to solve this type of error with JPG files.

The Photos application integrated in Windows 10 is an application that allows us to open both photos and videos and from them create albums or movies in a professional way, but like everything in the software world it can present some type of error. A good possible solution to such errors consists of restoring the default software state.

The Windows Photos application can be used to open JPG or PNG files. It allows you to edit images, adjust brightness, rotate them, apply effects, and more.

Steps to reset Windows Photos:

  1. To do this, go to the Start menu and there select the 'Settings' utility.
  2. There go to the 'Applications' category and then go to the 'Applications and features' section, there you must locate the Photos application and clicking on it will enable the "Advanced options" line.
  3. By clicking on this line, we will go to the 'Reset' section and there we click on the Reset button.
  4. Again we click on Reset to confirm the reset action of the Photos application in Windows 10.