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Convert JPG Image to Spreadsheet

If you have an image that has a vector or matrix array of data, you may want to have access to that data to make calculations or modifications.

It is possible to do this by making use of OCR technology. However, it is necessary to understand both formats and their similarities and / or differences.


JPG is the file extension for one of the most popular image formats. According to some accurate statistics from reliable sources on critical web technologies, approximately 40 percent of all images on the web are JPGs.

JPG images use a lossy compression method, which reduces their storage size thereby reducing image quality.

JPG excels when it comes to its ability to achieve compression up to 10: 1 without any noticeable degradation in image quality.

This makes JPG images ideal for non-professional casual and web photography.

Spreadsheet (XLS, XLSX, ODS)

XLSX files are Microsoft Excel calc and spreadsheets files too.

With the release of the 2007 version of Excel, the format was introduced as a new standard for spreadsheets and calculation documents.

The goal was to establish an XML-based file format that required less storage capacity.

Unlike the XLS file, the XLSX format is not extensible, but contains a set of packages of less than 10 kB in size each, being more practical to archive, as it can be decompressed with software external to Office Suite and allows easy sending by mail electronic.

It should be noted that this article will discuss how to do character recognition to insert them in an Excel table, otherwise it is to insert an image in a spreadsheet.

For them we will use any online service arranged for this purpose-

The steps are similar for each service

  1. Upload the JPG file, either by opening a dialog / search box or by dragging it to the box.
  2. Select Optical Character Recognition.
  3. Click on the conversion button.
  4. Download the Spreadsheet output file.