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Insert a JPG to Word

Inserting a JPG file to Word can be a simple task if you know a little more about both types of format and learn to differentiate them.


It is the most common type of photography file in the digital industry and also in everyday life, since most users of digital cameras make use of them, and the images that circulate on the internet are also encoded in this way.

It is the term coined by the Joint Photographic Experts Group, a group of experts who created JPG and also JPEG, a high-quality image compression format, both in color and grayscale.

Therefore, we are facing the most common method when it comes to generating compression of photographic images. Of course, it should be noted that the degree of reduction can be adjusted, which allows you to select the storage size and the image quality.

As expected, JPG is compatible with other web and office technologies.

DOC (Word)

It is the proprietary format of Microsoft par excellence, whose name comes from the extension of the DOC generated files and everyone interprets it as the abbreviation of the word DOCument, it was created and published by the Microsoft Corporation in its versions of Word between 1997 and 2003.

It has become a de facto standard as it is widely used by users, although technically the format is a bit inefficient, producing larger files than other formats.

It is worth mentioning that this type of extension is now obsolete, that is, DOC was created to support templates created between 1997 and 2003.

Bringing a JPG image file to Word can be very simple since just copying and pasting the image in the document is enough. You can also do a search with 'Insert' and then 'Image', choose the JPG file and insert it.

You can give it the format you want, change the size, and other optional parameters.

You can also do this insertion online, if you do not have a Word document editor at hand, using the following most popular tools:

The procedure is similar for all

  1. Enter the website and select the JPG to DOC Converter
  2. Drag and drop your JPG into the toolbox, or search for it with the file explorer on your device.
  3. Choose if you need to use OCR technology or not (If available).
  4. Wait for your document to convert to DOC format and then download it

It should be noted that some online converters have the property of doing OCR conversion, which means that you can do character recognition within your JPG image and take it to plain plain text in a DOC document, which you can later format to your liking.